Touch the audience and open up new worlds – this is the maxim of filmmaker Tina Maria Werner. Launching TMW, the successful commercial producer is fulfilling a lifelong dream by dedicating herself to directing, which she calls her true passion. “The projects I direct captivate me and won´t let me go,” she says. “This fascination stays with me until the film is completed.”

The analytical viewpoint on the essence of her clients´ wishes, her sense for people and emotions and the focus on detail and its impact on the whole – these are the factors that influence Tina Maria Werner’s style as a director: “Each one of my films is personal to me, it’s got my signature all over it”, she explains.

Werner started her career with her studies at the renowned Munich University of Television and Film (HFF) and a diploma in Production and Media Business.

In the following years, she gained extensive radio and television experience, among others at prominent German TV stations such as SAT 1 and ZDF. This facilitated her founding the Music Division of Picture Planet GmbH in 1997, which she managed as a producer of music videos. At the age of only 25, Tina Maria Werner started her own business by establishing her production company lucie_p GmbH in 1999. Utilizing her wide range of expertise in TV commercials, brand movies, media installations, 2D/3D visualisation and 3D video mapping, Tina Maria Werner eventually specialised in automotive industry. As CEO, she quickly turned lucie_p into one of the most sought after suppliers for moving images in the car industry, while at the same time epitomizing one of the few female masterminds in this masculine domain.